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The Affari Group was founded with the goal of adding the relationship with the business opportunity through direct communication and professional planning. We work with consulting and training in the commercial and business restructuring, recruitment, selection and outsourcing in sales and commercial representation of various segments. We join the knowledge of partners with extensive experience in industry, services and commerce to offer unique solutions, designed according to customer needs.

Currently represent products in the construction sector, EPI, professional and frozen foods uniforms. The big difference is that each product or service has a specialist dedicated exclusively to that business and has direct support provider and AFFARI BUSINESS NETWORK.

We have projects in the selection and recruitment for Paraná and other companies in southern Brazil and our process is direct involvement in client operation to understand the real need for the professional selection. With well-defined processes, we search the desired profile, initially talked to the candidate and then put into contact with the contracting company. All this selection is made by specialists in sales that come from beginning to end hiring.

Formed by professionals with great ability and experience, our consulting and training in the commercial part and corporate restructuring is based on previous experiences of our consultants to provide complete solutions for professional development. We study the situation thoroughly and prepare a work plan for achieving the expected results with monitoring and dedication to completion.